We Provide Holistic Wealth Management

to help clients achieve their goals

Twerdun Wealth Management

At Twerdun Wealth Management, we are committed to maintaining the highest standard of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, our client. We will strive to get to know and understand your financial situation and provide you with expert advice to realize your goals.

Building Success with Loyalty and Trust

Twerdun Wealth Management

Business Owners

We provide tailored financial strategies for comprehensive wealth planning and effective risk management, safeguarding your assets and investments.


We specialize in helping farmers with succession planning, ensuring smooth transitions for the next generation or retirement after farm sales.


At any life stage, we provide expert financial guidance, helping you navigate through your personal financial journey with confidence and ease.

Start securing your future today – let us guide your insurance and financial planning needs!

Our Process


  • Conduct an initial in-depth meeting to discuss the client’s key goals and objectives for investments and risk management.
  • Gather all necessary financial data and perform client discovery to determine what is most important to the client.


  • Develop a personalized financial plan based on the client’s goals and the data gathered, including proposing insurance and investment strategies.
  • Address risk management tailored to client needs, confirm the commitment to work together, and execute the financial plan.
  • Set up investment accounts and initiate insurance policies as needed.


  • Schedule regular review meetings to assess the progress of the plan.
  • Make adjustments to the plan as necessary, based on the client’s changing needs and market conditions, with the timing and frequency of meetings tailored to individual preferences.